What are external maps and why should I use them?

Die2Nite now has 2 different external map applications: External Map and From Dusk Til Dawn. Each has its own strengths and none of them have emerged as *the* go-to map.

These maps will show you vital information that the in-game map can't, including what items have been dropped in each zone. Some maps will allow you to search for specific items on the map so you can plan to go pick up something that your town needs. You will be able to locate other citizens when you're out in the desert yourself and view zone status at a glance.

Updating the maps:

In order to keep both maps updated with just one click, there are now two browser extentions that can be installed to help.

FireFox d2n Agent by Isaaclw
Chrome Die2Nite Agent by simast

There are no add-ons for Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. If you use any of those browsers, you'll have to figure out how to best coordinate with the rest of your town.

Guide by Spacekadt spacekadt@gmail.com

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